Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mold of the Day - Bottle Crate !

20.5.14 (1) - Bottle crate molds
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By Bonhomie Plastics Pvt. Ltd
Mould of the Day 
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Product code: UM13-9002

Product description: Bottle crate
Product size & Weight : 
  • 345 X 260 X 317 mm - 1280 gms.
  • Mold size: 760 X 680 X 600 mm
  • 365 X 275 X 300 mm - 1320 gms
  • Mold size: 765 X 685 X 580 mm 
Suitable for bottle sizes:
Bottle size:
  • 70 X 70 X 290 mm,
  • 76 X 76 X 270 mm.
Mold steel: P20 core and cavity.
No of molds: 2 (4 point hot runner )

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